My name is Jessica. My friends call me Jess, Jessie, or sometimes Sica, but I prefer to be called by my real name – Jessica. It holds a lot of meaning. My mum used to tell me that my name speaks of how happy they were when I first came into this world. A precious gift from God, she said. I don’t know about you, guys, but for me, knowing what my name means make feel loved and special. And I think that, you need to feel loved in order to give love.

Okay! Enough of my name.

I am a pre-school teacher, so please do not be surprised if I suddenly talk about random stuff. Since I deal with a lot of kids almost every day, I’ve learned to adapt to their random personalities, and sometimes, I find their randomness very helpful with my blog. Do you agree?

I have a dog, his name is Honey. He’s a German shepherd. He’s white, intelligent, sweet and majestic. He’s turning 3 soon! I like coming home just so I could say, “Honey, I’m home!” LOL. I got him as a present from Abby, my girlfriend. Yes, my girlfriend, my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend. Unfortunately, she lives far away from me. They have a family business and she is based in Korea which is miles away. And sometimes when I miss her, I would hug Honey and listen to Kae Sun’s Ship and the Globe to sleep.

I am a strong believer of long-distance relationships. I believe in trusting the person you love. Distance means nothing when you love the person, right? I believe that love alone can make the world much smaller place.

I am an art advocate. I believe that all of us are artists in our own ways. Art holds a very special place in my heart because it paved my way to meeting the love of my life, Abby. I saw her at an art gallery, she literally outshined all the people and art pieces in there. I like music, like a lot. Who doesn’t, right?

Again, my name is Jessica and it is my pleasure to virtually meet you. If you have comments, suggestions or any word for me and Honey, please feel free to leave a comment and let’s be friends!

Peace and love!



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