narutoeyes reviewHello again everyone! I’m here today to do a review of

If you’ve read my other post, you’ll know that I’ve actually purchased from a couple years back for a convention me and my girlfriend attended, and I talked a little about how great the contacts were back then.

But this time, given that it’s my fourth purchase from, I figure I’d finally leave a much needed full review.

So let’s start:


Why I Chose NarutoEyes

I remember originally finding by running a google search for sharingan contacts. And while there were quite a few other sites selling sharingan lenses, I ended up going with NarutoEyes for a few reasons:

  1. They had good customer reviews.
  2. Their lenses are US FDA, KFDA and Health Canada approved.
  3. They actually took care in taking good resolution pictures of their lenses (I can’t tell you how many online contact lens stores have poor quality pictures of their lenses, or only a single photo – ughh like why?!
  4. Their lenses are a good diameter at 14.2mm, which is slightly enlarging but not too enlarging, as most cosplay contacts should be.

I cannot stress enough how important the US FDA, KFDA and Health Canada approved were in making my initial decision to purchase from them. There are tons of contact lens websites out there who are just trying to earn the most money possible and will sell inferior products. When I was initially looking, I had found a lot of stores that showed absolutely zero certifications of their lenses (as they were most likely being produced out of China where the health standards probably aren’t as stringent). In contrast, NarutoEyes has US FDA approved lenses, which is a very hard approval to get, and it’s why I fully trust the health of my eyes with them. Again, I don’t think this can be emphasized enough given that eye health is so important.

But let’s move on ahead:



This time around I decided to go with regular sharingan and Kakashi sharingan contacts. Here is what the package looked like (I already opened it of course):

narutoeyes envelope Every pair of lenses you order comes with a free lens case for storing them between use, which is a nice bonus since you’ll need it. These ones are cute little doggy lens cases.

narutoeyes lens case

The lenses come in a sealed vial. You can tell the product is high quality just based on the quality of the imaging, text and logos of the vial. There is even a authenticity sticker to approve the lenses at the manufacturer level.

The first thing I noticed about the lenses was the quality. Even just looking through the bottom of the vial or holding the lens on my finger, you can see the deep vibrant red and blacks used to create the sharingan. There was no fading or imperfection on the lens and lens design itself, and there is great attention to detail. Take a look:

narutoeyes kakashi contacts

Well, I think a picture speaks a thousand words. Personally, I think the lenses look awesome; what do you think?

narutoeyes sharingan contacts


I find the lenses to be extremely comfortable for cosplay/circle lenses. I’ve been able to wear them throughout the entire days outing without a problem. And I’d say I’m in the middle when it comes to pickiness/eye sensitivity here.



I think the fact I’ve ordered my fourth pair makes it pretty obvious that I like NarutoEyes lenses. But certainly because of FDA approval, attention to detail, vivid colors, great design and comfort I would ultimately recommend them to anyone who needs to get their sharingan on.

Feel free to leave any question or comments you might have below.

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My Bikini Butt Review

my bikini butt reviewHello there, haven’t updated in a while because life has been really busy with work and such. Abby went through a bit of a rough patch recently due to the death of a family member so it has definitely been a tough time for the both of us :(.

However, I’d like to talk about something more positive in this article :-). Summer is just around the corner and looking good for the warmer weather is something that everyone would prefer.

Therefore, not too long ago I started a new exercise program called the My Bikini Butt program by Andrea Albright. This program is geared at women who want to effectively lose weight while toning up their butt at the same time.

The programs main pitch is about getting a nice butt and losing weight despite your genetic limitations. In fact, the owner of the program — Andrea — was always a “fat girl”, and had the dreaded “fat gene”. In other words, she was an endomorphic body type, and could never seem to lose fat because her genetics always predisposed her to a slow metabolism and putting on weight. After trying many yo-yo diets, fad diets, and all the other crap out their in the diet industry she decided to take her fate into her own hands. After becoming a personal trainer and putting in the work herself — she eventually developed a program that enabled her to finally lose weight and decided to share it with other women.

The program itself comes with a large amount of videos going over all the exercises where Andrea and another woman proceed to exercise take you through your paces. They have you running through sessions with booty-toning and fat burning exercises that you are to follow along with in your living room.

What I like about this program is the amount of value that it comes with. Some stuff I’ve bought in the past is just a small course with a few videos or a small book. When you get this program you get access to probably 20 videos or so, audios, motivational stuff, and about 3 other ebooks that she was previously sold in another courses.

I will say so far that the workouts are challenging but I am enjoying them so far. I have only recently started it but I am already down a few lbs already and am feeling much alert each day from the benefits of exercising. Apart from that my glutes were noticabely sore after the first few workouts and they have definitely firmed up so far.

Its early days but I will be continuing with this program and am excited to see what the results for me will be. Overall I can recommend this program to any woman who is interested in kicking their butt into gear and losing some weight for the summer.

In case this review wasn’t super informative here is the my bikini butt review that I read before purchasing the my bikini butt program. It’s also probably the only good one amongst all the spammy site I originally came across.

Anyway, see you next time.

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Week Long Trip to South Korea – Part 2

Tonight let’s get some, and live while we’re young!” – One Direction

Annyeong hasaeyo! Hello guys!

There was some issues with the internet where we were staying along with the fact we were so busy that I had no time to post the rest of the trip updates in real time.

Anywhoo, onto part 2 =p

In my previous entry I went over my trip to Korea and where I’d be likely heading. Well, its my 3rd day now, and Abby surprised me with an amazing gift. As expected, she did not disappoint me. Can you guess what her surprise was? Read on to find out! *wink*

Around 8AM yesterday, my girl Abby woke me up while holding 2 medium-sized boxes. At first, I thought they were books and stuff, but it turned out they were actually costumes! Abby knows how fascinated I am with cosplays so she bought me a costume of my favourite Naruto character and she bought one for herself, too! I was a little confused, though. I thought she’d ask me to go on a date wearing those costumes. LOL. Just imagine how silly and funny that would be. Abby got us a ticket to a cosplay event in Seoul that was held yesterday afternoon and we joined the event as cosplayers. Another first time for me! Yay!

We started prepping up for the event at 9, with the help of Angelie, and we were ready to go at 12. I was dressed as my favourite ninja, Ino Yamanaka. Naruto fans would agree with me if I said Ino is the sexiest ninja in Naruto, right? Abby, on the other hand, was dressed as Naruto’s love interest, Sakura. For the benefit of my lovely readers who are cosplay-enthusiasts and/or Naruto fans, let me give you a lil info about our costumes, should you be interested to try them as well.

ino cosplay

Basically, Abby got both costumes from E-Bay. They are usually sold by set. Some of them include the footwear, while the others don’t. Sakura’s costume set also came with accessories like the gloves and dagger. Ino’s dress and shoes were sold separately. But, that’s not all. More than the dress and accessories, hair and make-up are more important. The funny thing is, I just found out yesterday that Abby has been watching cosplay makeup tutorials in YouTube in preparation for this day. She always goes the extra mile! Angelie helped us do our hair. Abby wore a cute pink bob-cut wig. Mine was less complicated, I just had to tie my long blonde hair into a ponytail to achieve the Ino hair-do.

And here comes my favourite part! To complete our cosplay looks, Abby even bought Sharingan contact lenses! Sharingan contacts come in different versions like mangekyou itachi, sasuke, kakashi, or madara, and are popular among cosplayers. You can’t possibly not look awesome while wearing them sharingan contact lenses! The great thing about them is that they’re suitable for all eye colours. Abby and I got exactly the same eye colours as Ino and Sakura, how cool is that? Disregarding the fact they’re not actually true to the anime/manga, they still look awesome.

We arrived at SETEC Center in Seoul at around 1 in the afternoon and I was amazed by the number of people who participated in the event. Most of them are teenagers, but that didn’t matter since our real age are hidden behind our costumes and makeups. LOL! They were not just Koreans, there were also foreigners like us! I saw familiar costumes like the Disney characters – you can’t possibly miss the phenomenal Elsa and Ana sisters, Luffy from One Piece, characters from RPG’s like Ragnarok and Star Craft, Pokemons, some are even dressed as KPop stars, and a whole lot more! Some people asked to take photos with us and we felt like instant celebrities. Indeed, it was a paradise of cosplayers and another check off of my bucket list!

I seriously still cannot believe that I’ll be on the plane back home again in a few hours. Time really flies when you’re having so much fun. Anyway, Abby and I had the best week ever and that is what’s important. Let’s live while we’re young, am I right?

Until then, Korea! Annyeong!~

Til next time, guys! Peace and love!



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Week Long Trip To South Korea – Visiting My Dear Abby

south korea

“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Hey, guys! How’s it going? As for me, I’m doing superb and I’m feeling really excited! Why, you say? Well, it’s nothing big but, I’M GOING OVERSEAS!

Yes! I’m going out of the country for the first time in forever! Anyone here who feels excited for me, too? I swear if it’s your first time travelling abroad, you’d feel really ecstatic that you couldn’t sleep and you just want to fast forward the days, just like what I’m feeling right now.

This is all thanks to the most wonderful girlfriend on Earth, my lovely Abby. She’s taking a week-long break from work, and instead of coming home, she decided to stay in South Korea so I could visit her and spend the vacation together. She knows that I have never been out of the country, therefore, it is a great idea for me to fly to Korea. I’m leaving in 3 days! And it seems like the heavens are favouring with me because my vacation leave was just approved yesterday! Hurray!

I’ve watched a few Korean TV dramas according to Abby’s recommendations so I know for a fact that Korea is a country that’s rich in culture and tradition. I want this trip to be worthwhile and I don’t know why but Abby left the itinerary in my hands. With that in mind, I did a little research about South Korea’s famous tourist spots and I did not expect to discover a lot!


Here are my top 5 picks:

Day 1 – Jeju Island

jeju island

Ugh. The beach would always be my first love. I will never forget the first time I visited Hawaii with my family. I’ve always wanted to go back since then, but never really got the time to do so. When Abby asked me to plan the itinerary, the first thing that came to my mind was Jeju Island. I knew about this place from the Korean shows I’ve watched before. Just thinking about soaking in the waters of Jeju makes me really excited. Plus the idea of watching the sunrise and sunset with Abby adds even more excitement that I think I might need some sleeping pills tonight. (LOL)


Day 2 – Bukhan-san National Park

Bukhan-san National Park

One of the many things that Abby and I love doing is mountain trekking. I did a research of the popular mountain hiking spots in Seoul and most of them takes a couple of days or more to reach the peak. Since my vacation time is limited to 5 days only (boo-hoo), Bukhan-san National Park is a perfect choice for a day of trekking. The idea of watching the beautiful city of Seoul from the mountain peak seems excellent.

Day 3 – Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market

Abby used to always talk about this place during her first 2 weeks stay in South Korea – shopping, eating delicious Korean food, and more shopping – why not?


Day 4 – Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower

If you ask me, I think this would be the highlight of my trip to South Korea. Have you watched the phenomenal Korean TV series “My Love from the Star”? Well, I did. At one point on that drama, the lead couple went to the Namsan tower where the ever famous “Locks of Love” is. It’s a place where couples hang their locks and throw the key away as a symbol of eternal love for each other. Okay! I know it sounds really cheesy, but if you do love your partner, then who cares?


As for Day 5, Abby got it covered. And as if I am not already super excited, she even told me that she has a surprise for me! And knowing Abby, she would never tell me what it is even if I beg. But I know for sure that it’s gonna be a special one coming from a wonderful and creative girl like her.

I think I need to count a thousand sheep to sleep tonight, and I’ll be doing it for the next 17 days. (LOL) And writing about my upcoming travel would not help, either, so this is it for now. If you have suggestions for amazing travel destinations, please do let me know in the comments so I could add it to my itinerary. I’ll try my best to update you, guys, while I’m in South Korea.

Have an awesome week ahead! Peace and love, always!



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Be an Inspiration

be and inspiration

If you have not found the inspiration that you’re looking for, why don’t you try to be an inspiration to others first?”

Hey guys! It’s me again, your virtual angel – Jessica. Wait, I hope it doesn’t make me weird saying that. LOL. It’s just that I feel like someone out there could use a smile, a friend, or an angel, and I volunteer myself!

If you have not found the inspiration that you’re looking for, why don’t you try to be an inspiration to others first?”

That line above serves as my daily mantra, a reminder of how blessed I am to be able to inspire others with what I do, or write. But, why I am saying this?

Well, a few weeks ago, I asked my class to draw a picture of what they want to become in the future. Of course, there were drawings of doctors, policemen, pilots, teachers, etc. But this one kid in my class came up to me with a drawing of her beautiful family – her mother, father, older brother and herself smiling brightly while holding hands. It was really pretty for a 5-year old’s drawing. Her brother has Down syndrome, but it did not show in her drawing. She told me that when she grows up, she’ll work really hard so she could take her brother to a tour around the world and told me that her parents would be really happy if that happened.

Can you imagine how amazed I was after hearing that kind of statement from a little kid? I mean, how can she think of that at such a young age? When I was 5, I only thought about going to Disneyland and meeting my favourite cartoon characters. And I never thought that a 5-year old kid would be able to inspire me.

She made me realize that I am not JUST a teacher. I am a teacher and whatever I do or say can change the lives of my dear students. I am an inspiration to not just the kids in my class, but to a lot of people, as well. Just thinking about that makes me feel energized!

Isn’t it nice to know that you can be an inspiration to others, too?

How about you, my dear readers? Do you have an inspiring story that you would like to share? Feel free to write them in the comments section, and who knows? You might be inspiring hundreds of people out there!

Have a great day, guys! Till next time!

Peace and love!



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