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My Bikini Butt Review

my bikini butt reviewHello there, haven’t updated in a while because life has been really busy with work and such. Abby went through a bit of a rough patch recently due to the death of a family member so it has definitely been a tough time for the both of us :(.

However, I’d like to talk about something more positive in this article :-). Summer is just around the corner and looking good for the warmer weather is something that everyone would prefer.

Therefore, not too long ago I started a new exercise program called the My Bikini Butt program by Andrea Albright. This program is geared at women who want to effectively lose weight while toning up their butt at the same time.

The programs main pitch is about getting a nice butt and losing weight despite your genetic limitations. In fact, the owner of the program — Andrea — was always a “fat girl”, and had the dreaded “fat gene”. In other words, she was an endomorphic body type, and could never seem to lose fat because her genetics always predisposed her to a slow metabolism and putting on weight. After trying many yo-yo diets, fad diets, and all the other crap out their in the diet industry she decided to take her fate into her own hands. After becoming a personal trainer and putting in the work herself — she eventually developed a program that enabled her to finally lose weight and decided to share it with other women.

The program itself comes with a large amount of videos going over all the exercises where Andrea and another woman proceed to exercise take you through your paces. They have you running through sessions with booty-toning and fat burning exercises that you are to follow along with in your living room.

What I like about this program is the amount of value that it comes with. Some stuff I’ve bought in the past is just a small course with a few videos or a small book. When you get this program you get access to probably 20 videos or so, audios, motivational stuff, and about 3 other ebooks that she was previously sold in another courses.

I will say so far that the workouts are challenging but I am enjoying them so far. I have only recently started it but I am already down a few lbs already and am feeling much alert each day from the benefits of exercising. Apart from that my glutes were noticabely sore after the first few workouts and they have definitely firmed up so far.

Its early days but I will be continuing with this program and am excited to see what the results for me will be. Overall I can recommend this program to any woman who is interested in kicking their butt into gear and losing some weight for the summer.

In case this review wasn’t super informative here is the my bikini butt review that I read before purchasing the my bikini butt program. It’s also probably the only good one amongst all the spammy site I originally came across.

Anyway, see you next time.

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